Fri, Jan 21, 2022

Negative myths and misconceptions about family planning – a barrier to modern contraception use by youths in Nsanje, Malawi


By Merrie Phiri

Most of the girls in Nsanje District in Malawi are not accessing Family Planning Methods in the hospitals due to misconceptions over PFM.

Speaking during District Youth Network Meeting, Family Planning Coordinator in Nsanje, Mr Chatambalala Chifundo, said that most of the young people believe that using Family Planning Methods can reduce sexual feelings and cause infertility.

However, Chatambalala pleaded with stakeholders and government to work hand in hand by promoting civic education concerning Sexual Productivity and the use of Family Planning Methods in the district .

Teenage pregnancies and drug abuse- Local pandemics in Zimbabwe’s Matebeleland province


by Nothando Nodol Hadebe

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown regulations which were implemented since 2020 as a mitigation strategy against the spread of the pandemic which saw schools closing in the Matebeleland region, an increase in teenage pregnancies, and drug abuse was witnessed. With the COVID-19 induced lockdowns, more people resorted to selling drugs and the victims were teenagers.

School-going teenage girls in Mahatshula had to compromise their schoolwork by being impregnated and unfortunately some being impregnated by one man.

Although more peaceful anti-drug campaigns have been conducted by local churches, there is still a need to educate kids on the effects of drugs and their connection to their sexual activities and health.

According to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, last term, Bulawayo had at least 63 girls dropping out of school due to pregnancy-related issues.

Public health crisis reprieve for Matobo community as Ndabankulu Clinic opens doors to the public


By Langelihle Gwebu and Descent Dube

It was an occasion of jubilation and high spirits at the officially opening of Ndabankulu Clinic in Matobo Ward 4 on Friday.

The development was brought by World Vision in partnership with Matobo Rural District Council (MRDC) in a bid to address the dire challenges faced by the community members who walked 25 and 30km to Maphisa Hospital and Homestead Clinic respectively, to access
health services.

The project cost amounted to a total of around USD $250 000. World Vision worked hand in glove with the MRDC to ensure the project was completed. The MRDC Chief Executive Officer Mr Elvis Sibanda commended the immense contribution made by the former as they completed “the super structure, the staff quarters and also equipped the clinic”

“The community of Ndabankulu has proved to be a winning team with their councilor and the traditional leaders. The community’s development structures, the clinic committee and their builders who were always hands on, guided by Makha Dube from World Vision,” said Sibanda.

“Dube demonstrated his love for rural development, he was always on the ground monitoring this project. This is a clear response to the National Development Strategy 1 which emphasizes that no one should be left be￾hind; the community was always present in this project,” the MRDC CEO said. The Ministry of Health and Child Care also provided part of the clinic equipment, nurses and the installation of the solar equipment.

Free COVID-19 Screening Service Available


by By Mmabore Mogashoa

I went to the shops on 26 February 2021 and there were people under 2 gazebos next to the main road to Jane furse. They were calling the people that are passing so that they can do Covid19 screening. I went there and I spoke to Elvis who was part of the screening team. He also told me that they test HIV, TB, Diabetes, other chronic illnesses screening and mobilizing women. According to Elvis more people don’t go for screening and their foundation saw an opportunity to do Covid19 screening for free. People got free face masks and sanitizers. Some of the questions asked where about signs and symptoms of Covid19: fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, muscle pain, loss of taste or smell and if one have been in contact with people with Covid19 or traveled. This screening is good as some people might have but not be aware that is Covid19 symptoms. Their organisation works in Limpopo Province but the screening is done in Sekhukhune District. He can be contacted on 0792650092.

Lack of Responsibility undermines efforts to fight COVID-19


by Rapule Moiloa

Many people don’t take responsibility to give space between each other at the taverns and these shows how much irresponsible we are at the places were people hang out, buy alcohol and these shows that as people at the taverns we don’t care about each other well being.

People still seat very close to each other with out thinking about other people’s lives and their lives. When people buy booze they don’t keep the space in between and they stay in groups with out social distance.

Durban can be a hotspot OF COVID-19


By Mmabore Mogashoa

Durban is a place that is visited by many during festive season and this year it will be the same. Young and old go to the beach, sit in groups and swim together. Some walk holding hands and others hugging. Covid19 is still a problem. People don’t wear masks and comes from different places. After the festive season they will be returning back home/work to different provinces/countries. Who is responsible to check if Covid19 rules are followed. Once there is more infections it will be a big problem for us. We don’t want to go back to lockdown again.

Further easing of lockdown worrying


By Rapule Moiloa

Further easing of lockdown has opened alot of things as it is summer and it is spring, people are socializing and there will be many gatherings and meetings.

Diepkloof extreme park in zone 5 has welcomed kids and parents but there was no social distancing for both children and their parents and these shows it is summer and people think we are cleared from the pandemic.

The easing of lockdown to level 2 was not said we over the pandemic and people should stop practicing social distancing even wearing their masks though cases of the pandemic are decreasing but still we must be act in a responsible manner to keep on saving life’s.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the poor


No one planned or was ready for such a distraction caused by covid 19, these has also changed the minds of many people, has killed 2020 plans that people had.

Poor people are the most troubled and unemployment became actively more with covid 19 presence in our lives.

Covid 19 did not choose who to attack, who to mentally and physically harm, no age nor race affected but all race is affected, no height nor the size of the body is affected.

Poor people are the most hit by these pandemic with regard to food security, for many people are not working but rely on someone to assist with food.

In Orlando West the community get food supplies from the centre where the community have to register as food beneficiaries to get food.

I realized that even young women are affected not only because of the pandemic but by unemployment that is raising and for many people have been retrenched these will cause even more damage in the mind of many people.

Kids also go to the centre to get food supplies and social workers are also present to assist the community.

Tea Bags as Substitutes for Cigarettes


From the beginning of the lock down, life was never the same due to rules and regulations regulating the movement of people and all other activities that were normal parts of life. Cigarettes and alcohol sale were stopped then when lock down was eased from level 5 to where we are now the sale of alcohol was eased to 4 days a week with restrictions but cigarettes sales were not eased. Although cigarettes sale is not eased or lifted people are still smoking cigarettes buying them wherever they can find them. One loose cigarette costs different prices depending on the brand but for some people there will always be a way to get the cigarettes. Some are making tea bags as substitutes for cigarettes. A tea bag is torn to put the loose tea on a Rizla just as is done with Marijuana as people try to satisfy their cravings.

Alcohol ban not enough to discourage socialising


By Rapule Moiloa

Alcohol may be banned and people not allowed to buy but this does not affect everyone. It was announced that alcohol will be banned with immediate effect as of Sunday the 13th of July 2020. For many people, this announcement was just blowing hot air because the announcement is not for everyone though it is supposed to apply to all people. Regardless of liquor stores closed people still find their way of getting alcohol and socialize. Alcohol ban is meant to flatten the curve of the spread of the coronavirus. Someone said that no matter how strict are the rules and regulations it does not matter because people will always make a plan to get alcohol and meet whenever they want. Even if taverns are closed there will always be a way either to make home brewed beer, punch etc. Alcohol is not the only thing that brings people together, street gambling like playing dice also contribute for people coming together.