Sun, Jun 20, 2021

Broken promises leads to confusion


by Rapule Moiloa

It is known that any development that may take place in an area the contractor should employ people from that place. Sometime in early May 2021 residents of Snake Park Block 5 stopped Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) construction because of a breached agreement by JRA. The complain was that when work commenced residents should have been part of that process and there was an agreement between the two parties. The residents were not happy with the outcome and residents had a meeting with JRA on the 3rd of May 2021 to discuss the issue.

Community initiatives to control speeding drivers


by Rapule Moila

In some streets of Diepkloof Zone 4, the community has resorted to placing big stones in the streets to compel motorists to reduce their speed. The initiative has been fueled by absence of humps in the roads. The move by the community is in the quest to reduce accidents which take place when kids are playing in the streets. The same is happening in snake park.

Water scarcity is a big challenge


by Rapule Moiloa

Water scarcity is a problem especially when it is not raining for people need water every day and regardless that water pressure is low.
And sometimes when there’s water in the taps depending on how the water pressure is some of the people can’t fill the buckets or even containers where they keep their water, one family can get water depending how the water runs from the taps.

Lack of water while Women’s Day is celebrated.


It is women’s month but in Sekhukhune, South Africa we still see things that will break your heart. It is on 8 August 2019 just few hours before Women’s Day but lack of water forced a local woman at Sekhukhune to go and do washing at Semene river. While other women enjoy the 9 August 2019, she will be tired as a result of spending the whole day from taking the water from the river using a bucket, pouring into the washing basins, washing the clothes and  collecting the water again to rinse the clothes and she is few meters from the river to wash without disturbances from animals.

She won’t be able to hang the clothes on the smaller trees to dry but will have to take them home while wet and she walks a distance from the river. Some of the cows that drink water from the river eat clothes and there is dust on the trees since August is not a rain month in Sekhukhune. She wont celebrate women’s day like others because having no water make her life difficult.

Road Rehabilitation in Sefikile Community as Ubumbano Trainings Bear Fruits



From my last year’s project of the internal road/main access road that was in a very bad condition is now being fixed and the good news about that is that the mine read my story and decided to ask for a meeting to meet with me Amo and the Sefikile community council as the mine is well aware that we are working together to take the community forward and develop it. On that meeting the council made the mine aware that am busy writing another story about the cracked houses that was caused by the mine as we never had a problem of cracked houses before the mine came. On that date, the 30th of August 2019, we spoke about a lot of things, project that was supposed to have been given to the Sefikile community but was never delivered. However, we have started communicating about such projects and how it should be going forward. Projects like:
1: Salvage yard
2: Land fill
3: Organic farming

At last, the mine promised that everything that was and is meant for us, they will make sure these are given to us before end of this year. It is all written in paper that it is what is exactly going to happen as there is proof that all those projects belong to the Sefikile community and that it is part of the SLP that the mine need to comply with.

As for the main road that was in a bad condition, after reading Amo’s story, there is an internal road project and the good thing about it is that it is Amo who is monitoring it since from last. As activists taking our communities to the level where it should be is our vision and our mission is for us to be there when all is happening,witnessing it all being successful.

Residents protest over power cuts


Residents embarked on a protest to Eskom’s offices in Diepkloof zone. During every winter season, Soweto residents face massive electricity cuts. Eskom states that Soweto residents owe money hence the power cuts. I remember between 2013 and 2014 we had a meeting with Eskom to state the case of residents that we want to pay a flat rate as Soweto residents since we waited for the decision to this day. Instead they have new electricity prepaid metres installed and these have not brought a difference because whether one pays for electricity or not they will stay in the dark., Despite efforts towards an agreement to pay a flat rate Eskom insist on power cuts. Power cuts are affecting people’s lives and healthy as some have health conditions which demand them to keep warm always.

The sad story of a woman who lost her baby at Job Shimakana Tabane Hospital


by Sipho (not real name)…I was admitted for baby delivery at Job Shimakana Tabane Hospital in Rustenburg on the 13th of April 2020 but unfortunately i lost my baby and the situation at this hospital makes my loss even more painful. Since I was admitted I realised that there are no precautions in place for Corona virus in this hospital. I am saying this because the visiting hour is from 3pm to 4pm and visitors are from different communities, one visitor per person. Some of them with no masks including nurses and doctors and there is no screening of people who come for the visit.They said that they are containing the virus by allowing one person to visit,but there are more people coming especially families of those who lost their babies.

The painful issue that is affecting all of us is the way the nurses treat us especially with regards to preparing our babies for burial. The nurses don’t have time to help us. Since I was trying to prepare my baby’s papers yesterday till today nothing has been done. My baby’s father was up and down trying to sort out papers but the nurses are giving him different information. I am discharged but I can’t go home till the papers are done in Ward 6. They told the baby’s father that there is a missing file to prepare the papers 😭. I am angry and feeling sad about the way the government nurses are treating us.

I was at Ward 4 and the nurses are working hard to help us deliver safely and have done all that needs to be done but after we got transferred to another ward, the problems started. I was even left with 2 drips till I took them out by myself because I was asking a nurse in Ward 6 to remove them and she said she is tired and I must wait. I waited for more than 4 hours and she knocked off.

Water crisis cause for concern in GaMogashoa village


by Mmabore… On 22 April 2020, GaMogashoa village in Sekhukhune South Africa had water. Since there is no schedule as to when we get water in the village and staying indoors most of the time, I saw water on the ground that is when I realised that there is water. Most of the people get water from the main pipe in the street to their houses and don’t have taps. Some of the pipes do leak sometimes because they are damaged by the sun and people use hoes to dig. You can see them after the rains on the damaged roads. Because of the lockdown the pipe I bought was short and I couldn’t buy  another one. I wish hardwares could be opened as we need to buy pipes and tanks to store water so that we have enough water as we are not sure when we will get water. We got water on the  7th April 2020 and 22 April 2020 was for the second time in a month.

Living conditions undermine social distancing


Since the enforcement of lockdown has begun things have been very difficult especially when it comes to maintaining social distance. It’s been difficult for us to comply with at home because we are living in a RDP house which is one room and we are a family of 7 including my mother ,2 sisters, 3 children and myself. We are very concerned because we can’t keep one meter apart as we the house is too small for all of us. During cold weather it is like we are breathing the same air. We are not sure if coronavirus is going to spare us in case one of us gets infected.

Tubatse Steel Bridge must be given attention


By Mmabore Mogashoa

On 28 May 2021 as I was coming back home from fa cultural event at Fetakgomo Tubatse area, at around 1600hrs, there was a convoy which forced motorists to make use of road sides to avoid the convoy which worsened the traffic at Tubatse Steel Bridge. Motorists use the bridge to the R555 road which is used by trucks, buses, taxis and all kinds of cars allowed on the road. The end of a beautiful cultural day was ruined, by the time we passed the bridge it was almost 2000hrs. The bridge has only one lane and it is being used by lot of people from all the provinces of South Africa. The road inside have bumps which makes driving uncomfortable. The construction of the bridge was delayed and this has brought a lot of frustration to the road users. If there are strikes people also block the bridge and that is another problem. The bridge is more that 60 years old. Another bridge should be constructed or upgrades should be done to avoid more problems.