Sat, Sep 18, 2021

Theft at schools, cause for concern


by Rapule Moiloa

The pandemic and lockdown gave an opportunity to thieves to to break in to schools and steal school properties worth thousands since the beginning of the announcement of lockdown early these year.

Mofolo higher primary school in Evaton in the Vaal is one school that thiefs has been helping themselves with school properties like computers etc and school classes are vandalized these has brought a delay for learners to go back to school.

These criminal activities kept the children from attending school because of the current situation in that school to date learners have not gone back to school.

What is good is the school is now been fixed so that learners can be able to go back to school when the construction is complete

Inequality in the education sector


By Mmabore Mogashoa

It is now September and school children have started attending classes. As per Covid-19 rules and regulations, children should maintain social distancing in a classroom. Schools in the rural areas had to divide children into groups because classrooms are not enough. Some children go to school on Monday to Wednesday, while Grade 7 and Grade R go to school for 5 days. I was speaking to a child who attend school for children with disabilities and he said they haven’t started attending classes yet. This shows that children are not receiving equal education. It is time for leaders, communities and businesses to work together. Government should do proper planning so that schools can have enough classrooms, teachers and the right equipment. No one knows when the pandemic will end and is a risk as children are getting bored and end up in the village streets.

People devise means for survival as the economic crisis bites


People have been through so many challenges during the lockdown. Retrenchment, unemployment, loss of income, water crisis, no schooling, Gender Based Violence, hunger etc and this has caused lot of people to stand up and start businesses by selling products and services. I was at Jane Furse plaza and I realized that there is more people who are selling products. People have struggled during the past months and no one likes to live in poverty or go to bed with an empty stomach. I also listened to a guy who was selling bananas and avocados, his advertising skills were so good that I realized that people have skills but need a good Samaritan to help then to be great business people. Taxis are also back in taxi rank in the shopping center but the problem is, the shopping center is over crowded. Villages should be developed for a better life.

No joy for pensioners


By Mmabore Mogashoa

\Since the beginning of the lockdown, people have been struggling to get their social grant where we saw elderly people queuing for hours. It is now September, 5months since lockdown but things have not gotten any better. Some stay in the queue while hungry and this is a life threat to our elderly people. There is no social distancing and this is a huge risk as some can get the Corona virus. I spoke to Ramaisela Mohlala who told me that she was in the que since 5am in the morning. It was around 12:30. The pension money should be taken back to the villages again to save lives of the elderly. While I was standing with Ramaisela I saw people running after a young women and when I ask what was happening the people who were there said ‘ an old woman got her grant and she(the young woman) took the money from her’. This showed how our elders are not safe being away from home to collect their social grant. She was cought and forgetting the social distancing rules people went to see her.

School food handlers


By Rapule Moiloa

School food handlers have been in the front line since covid 19 Cases and lock down and when schools opened and closed i have been at work.

My name is Dikeledi and my work at the school is cooking for learners at a higher primary school in Palmsprings.

Myself and other who ladies who are parents as well with kids in the same school, like everyone working there are problems experienced at work, the problem is the environment we in the kitchen does not have a sink where we can wash used dishes and we must go out to use the outside taps and the kitchen walls are dirty although we have escalated the problem with the sgb but still no answer.

We use gas stove to boil water and to prepare food for the learners and we are given one uniform that needs to be washed, another problem is how parents organize their kids wnen coming to school.

Learners are send to school with dirty lunch boxes for food, as parents we must not take care only of our kids but other kids.

We wash their lunch boxes so that we can dish up for them in a clean container because we must put aside a portion of the days meal so that the food can be tested for food poisoning.

Cooking for learners and having to protect ourselves from the pandemic its a challenge for we don’t have enough ppe’s so these is a risk for us and the children and I think women rights are undermined

So many unanswered questions regarding SA schools opening


By Mmabore

All grades are back to school with other children going to school in different days to adhere to lockdown rules. Some schools in rural areas were closed since lockdown with no communication between teachers and learners. Most of the learners started getting school work in August 2020 while other school children in urban areas or private schools had school work since March 2020 taking advantage of technology. As per Department of Education there won’t be pass one pass all. What does that mean? Are certain chapters going to be skipped? Will school children be overloaded with work? Will the children be able to cope until exams? Will the teachers and children be able to cover the syllabus? What will the results of those children who started school in August look like? Will this affect children from disadvantaged backgrounds badly? Are teachers in rural areas overloaded with work too? What are the teachers organisation say? Will this inequality end? Will this affect parents too?

Enough is Enough! Say No To GBV


Pietermaritzburg Agency for Community Social Action (PACSA) is a social justice organization that is appalled and deeply concerned by the increase of Gender-Based Violence in our country.

We see the tears and feel the pain of those affected and ask, what have become of our societies? What have become of men?

Every year, every month, every day and every eight minutes a woman is raped and killed by a man who says he loves her.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, once said, “if you are neutral in situations of injustices, you have chosen the side of the oppressors”. The month of July in South Africa is normally celebrated as “Men’s Month” and therefore as PACSA, we do not recognize the July celebrations as Men’s Month while we continue to experience high levels of femicide in our country. We are calling for #NOTOMEN”SMONT and that GBV should be on top of the agenda until we witness decrease on GBV.

PACSA has commenced the GBV Campaign with two events. The first event was a dialogue with 25 male participants from different communities within Pietermaritzburg. The second event was a picketing which took place in one of the busiest streets in Pietermaritzburg which was successfully attended by our community partners and collegial partners. We will continue conducting different programs throughout the month of July which are aimed at ensuring that everyone makes GBV a priority.

Women and children Life’s Matter


by Rapule Moiloa

The abuse of women and children is inhuman and what is worrying is that it is done by people who are close by be it husband, boyfriend or a trusted someone. The people who are supposed to be friends of women and children because they are affected day by day and gender based violence is something that we can put our masks or use sanitizers to prevent. Men should start checking themselves not physically but mentally and today i came across an drunk old men swearing at a young woman in Diepkloof Zone 1 because of her dress but the lady kept walking that she may not be a victim because of her clothes.

Reopening of schools. Have stakeholders been consulted


by Amo Tshabalala

Minister Angie Motshekga’s call of resuming the school on the 01 June 2020 has been received with mixed feelings and so many questions have been raised. The country has just conducted around 500 thousand tests which a very small proportion of the total population. Has the decision been made after wide consultations? We are always preaching the consultation gospel but the government is not paying heed to the calls. This simply means that we are being told what to do and our views do not matter. Looking at the rate the virus is spreading and the death toll so far it i worrying for children to go back to school. Let us work together and make South Africa a better place to be and to shine to.


Tragedy strikes in Eshowe


A young couple in Eshowe got married very early and I think they were all 21 years old. The guy is a policeman and the young woman usebenza enkantolo. This guy has been abusing his wife but engaboshwa and the lady decided to ukumshiya cs ubese khathele , she was very pretty and very humble so recently the guy went to her family house emfuna ngenkani ukuthi babuyelane bt ubaba kalosisi wathi ngeke sekwanele ngomtanami and even lo cc naye wathi ngeke im done with u and the guy dicided ukuba bulala ubaba no ndodakazi naye wazibulala. This is something esingayazi in my community sonke sithukile and worse the guy was a cip kanti sivikelwa obani if amaphoyisa enesihluku kanje.